b84b6edb-3a60-445e-8535-1661428b4259   Temperature Controlled Radio Frequency ThermiRF is the first FDA cleared aesthetic device which employs temperature controlled radio frequency. 49ec2867-cccc-45a9-afe5-3ba61f4cf02a   ThermiTight result after 6 weeks.  20cc of bra fat removed from both sides.  ThermiRF  treatment applied only on left side. 79d96ae5-f635-48ec-857e-d4b9c2f9bbae_h 267cc085-1ac5-45bc-a0eb-acd5d6e529b0 a2f2e31e-d1ae-469d-b9d7-cffd0653db81_h cd9e207d-e031-45be-b9f0-5867ab454684_h e7be78bb-3ac0-46d7-9d70-caefc0fc2cb0_h f2119dde-d41c-4536-be42-222173c3866f_h  

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