Thigh Lift Plastic Surgery in Modesto

Many factors can affect the skin tone and appearance of your thighs. Weight gain followed by weight loss is a common cause of lax, sagging skin in the thigh area. Aging can also cause a loss of elasticity that results in the appearance of loose or layered skin on your inner or outer thighs. If you, like many others in central California, have been unable to improve the shape and size of your thighs with diet and exercise, you may consider a thigh lift with Modesto plastic surgeon Dr. Lars Enevoldsen.

Thigh lift cosmetic surgery, also called thighplasty, with Dr. Enevoldsen will reshape your thighs, reducing excess skin and fat while giving you smoother skin, helping you achieve slimmer thighs that are more proportional to your body. You also may find that clothing fits you better, enhancing your self-confidence.

During your consultation, Dr. Enevoldsen will explain the details of your thigh lift procedure, including how to prepare for surgery and what to expect in the recovery process. He will explain all of the options available and help you set reasonable goals for your post-operative appearance.

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