California Arm Lift Plastic Surgery

If you are bothered by loose, sagging skin on your upper arms, Modesto, California plastic surgeon Dr. Lars Enevoldsen can help. An arm lift procedure (or brachioplasty) improves the appearance of your upper arms by reducing or eliminating the excess skin and fatty tissue that causes you embarrassment or discomfort.

Loose skin or fat deposits in your upper arms can be the result of weight loss, genetics, or aging. Although exercise may tone the underlying arm muscles, you may have fat deposits, lack of skin elasticity, or weakened tissues that resist traditional weight-loss and muscle-toning methods. If this is the case for you, surgery can correct the issue and give you firmer, slimmer upper arms.

Arm lift plastic surgery has helped many men and women in central California who were embarrassed by loose or sagging skin under the arms. Sometimes, Dr. Enevoldsen performs liposuction of the upper arms to enhance the result of your arm lift. He will discuss all of your options with you during your personal consultation.

After your arm lift, you may find that clothes fit better with your newly toned arms. Your confidence may improve, renewing your self-esteem and enhancing your sense of personal freedom.

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