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New Breast Implants Available – Sientra

By: Lars P. Enevoldsen, M.D, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


When it comes to breast augmentation, patients now have more options!

With the U. S. market entry of Sientra, a new FDA approved line of breast

implants, plastic surgeons can now offer you exciting new choices of implants that can be used.


Because Sientra cares about you as the patient, the company sells their

implants ONLY to board certified or board eligible plastic surgeons. Their

product line includes a variety of shapes and sizes, with either a smooth or

textured surface. Sientra manufactures the only anatomically shaped implant

approved in the United States at this time. What do we mean by

“anatomically shaped implant”? Anatomically shaped implants are intended

to match the anatomy of your chest wall. Depending on your needs, shaped

implants can also provide more or less volume in the upper pole area. I am

particularly excited about the anatomically shaped implant as I see many

women who can benefit from this option. Sientra’s implants are filled with

“high strength” silicone gel. If these implants ever break the gel completely

holds it’s shape and does not leak out. These aren’t your mother’s silicone

gel implants. Implants in the 70’s and 80’s were made with much thinner,

weaker shells and gel that was slimier and more runny.


Not only is Sientra providing superior breast implant options exclusively to

plastic surgeons they are also providing patients the best warranty in the


* Lifetime Product Replacement

* Up to $3,600 in Surgical Assistance

* Non-cancelable terms

If you have been considering getting breast implants, there has never been a

better time. Call our office today to schedule a consult so that you can learn

about your options.

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